Friday, 7 March 2014

Still into you

I guess I'm been a little bit exited ...... I'm hoping to get this out in 2015
Sorry a long time to wait.
Still into you

When you remember nothing and yearn to know everything, nothing can stop you from unlocking your hidden memories. However, when does it become safer to keep those recollections locked away?

Gemma Stone experienced an unspeakable tragedy. After being involved in a horrendous car accident over a decade ago, she is doing her best to push forward despite suffering from memory loss and remembering the years prior to that tragic night. Returning home for the first time since that fateful accident, she is excited to reconnect with old friends in hopes that they can fill in the missing gaps. With her boyfriend by her side, she soon discovers he might hold the key to her past. There is something about him that flickers her memory, but what is it?

Will her trip home answer the questions she's been seeking, or will things be better left buried in the depths of that unfortunate night
Go on.... Add to you TBR list
L Chapman

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