Monday, 26 January 2015

Up and coming events

I have a few events planned in the next few months, Here are all the sign up's and information. 

Believe Series Blitz - 16th - 23rd Febuary 2015 
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March 2nd - Believe Series Box set cover reveal. 

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Believe Series Box Set release day event, 

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I'll be signing at Peterborough Author Event 2015 

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Secret Santa - Jennifer Benson - Blog tour



Tonight is the night of the office holiday party and Olive Harper, a paralegal for a New Jersey law firm, was put in charge of the planning. To her surprise, a new employee has been hired at the firm and has brought his brother, Murphy Scott, as his guest. When Murphy wakes up on a strange couch in a strange house, he is curious and concerned until he is greeted by the beautiful woman whom he met last night at a holiday party. Instantly intrigued by her long night shirt and knee high socks, neither Murphy nor Olive could know where a chance meeting at an office holiday party might take them, but thanks to a Secret Santa, they are about to find out.
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My couch night was made up of my coziest pajama boxer shorts, my softest button down pajama shirt, my softy soft knee high socks and my hair thrown up in a messy bun on top of my head. I settled in to start reading my newest Kindle download. I was reaching for my mug of hot chocolate from the side table when my phone buzzed. I looked toward it and debated on whether or not to even check it, but it might have been Mikella. She had told me she would be working late tonight from home and might be calling…ugh

M: Well it took me five fucking days to finally get your number, but I got it. I had to do a couple of things I’m not proud of and will have flashing before my eyes at my final moments, but they were worth it. How about a little pic to make up for my acts?
O: Who in the hell is this?
M: Wow, you’ve forgotten me already. Well, how about I give you a reminder of your body pressed up against mine in your hallway with you only wearing a flimsy pajama shirt that barely covered the little boxer shorts that barely covered your ass. Your braless tits rubbing up against me causing my morning wood to get even more painfully hard.
O: Holy shit! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
M: I kissed your mouth with this mouth and I’d love to do it again and again and again. Then kiss even more places on you.
O: Seriously, who is this?
M: Woman, you had better fucking know who this is. Grrrr
O: Did you just Grrr at me?
M: I did and if you don’t type my name in your next response I’m getting on a plane and I’m going to remind you exactly who I am.
O: Oh Merick. How are you? It has been forever.
M: Woman!!! I have the phone in my hands
O: Oh sorry M… what was it again.
M: I’m dialing the airport…
O: Good! And when you get a hold of them you can tell them that the WOMAN you are coming out here to see is presently wearing another pajama shirt as well as an even smaller pair of boxer shorts and knee high socks. Murphy :p
M: Damn I was hoping to be on the plane by the time you ‘said’ my name.
O: And what would you have done when you got here?
M: Open your front door and find out
O: What? Are you really… stop
M: Olive?
M: Olive?
M: Woman!!
O: They are beautiful thank you :/
M: What is the :/ for? What you don’t like Gerbera daisies and Asters? You have a bunch of pictures of them around your house.
O: No, no. I do I love them, thank you.
M: Then why the :/ not the :D
M: Hello?
O: I’m here. I was just putting them in a vase. They are now up on my mantel. Pic attached
M: Holy Shit! I miss those lips. Did I really just meet you six days ago?
O: Yup. At a wonderful beautifully decorated country club that you drank yourself into a stupor at that required me to bring you home with me. Are you going to tell me what that was about BTW?
M: I had just lost a major deal and was pissed. Then I was dragged by my older brother to his new firm’s holiday party which was held in an awesomely decorated winter wonderland by a lady who has great legs that I would love to have …
M: Has it really only been six days? You’re sure?
O: my legs wrapped around your waist and my back pressed up against my hallway wall
M: as I run my tongue over the seam of your lips then slide in your delicious mouth until you are moaning for more
O: Murphy?
M: Yes
O: I really wanted you to be at my front door when I opened it :(
M: Me too :(
M: can we get back to you moaning my name?


Quick fire

Why did you start writing?
I see stories in my head and feel the need to put them down
Who inspires you to write?
The voices in my head
Who would you love to write with?
Oh my, what a question – so many that I would name – Nicholas Sparks and E.B. White 

What makes you start writing?
The constant chattering of the voice in my head
Do you set deadlines?
 I probably should just to force myself to keep on track. I’m easily sidetracked.

Any advice for any new starters?
Work with outlines, set deadlines, make friends in the indie world, treat others how you want to be treated, be willing to ask for help and help in return when asking for help.


Saturday, 10 January 2015

Dragonflies Triliogy - Samantha Fontien


Be prepared to read a story that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Duncan Peters is not your typical Alpha CEO, Playboy - He is a good man with a painful past. - Ex Military (SAS) now a Senior Partner at ‘Blackcard’.
He is a natural born tactician with a license to kill…

We also met his naughty best friend, Rubin Miller, who he meets one night at a rowdy University weekend bender.

That night a friendship was made, that would last a lifetime…

Rubin Miller is a ladies’ man, through and through, with an immense appetite for life. But most of all he is a man of honor. He too joins the military serving by his friends’ side, through thick and thin.

There is nothing these two men have not shared, women included.

Can these wild men ever be tamed?

~ The Duncan Peters Files Playlist  ~

1.      Gimme Shelter & Street Fighting Man – Rolling Stones.
2.     Sympathy for the devil & Paint it Black– Rolling Stones.
3.     Connected – Stereo MC’s.
4.     Suck My Kiss & Give It Away Now - Red Hot Chili Peppers.
5.     Butterfly – Crazytown.
6.     Bohemian like you – The Dandy Warholes.
7.     Bring me to life – Evanescence.
8.     Amoureuse – Kiki Dee.
9.     The Reason – Hoobashank.
10. The air that I breathe – The Hollies.
11.Vicious – Lou Reed.
12. Dear Darlin – Olly Murs & Dry Your Eyes – The Streets.
13.Pass Out – Tinie Tempah.
14.All of my heart – ABC.
15.Not fade away – Rolling Stones.
16. Gasoline Ally – Rod Stewart.
17.Shoplifters of the world – The Smiths.
18. Back Door Man – The Doors.
19.Mama – Genesis.
20.Glory & Gore – Lorde.
21.Nothing left to say– Imagine Dragons & He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother – the Hollies
22.Still Sane & Buzzcut Season – Lorde
23.Story of my Life – One Direction & Red Light Spells Danger – Billy Ocean.
24.Somewhere only we know – Keane.24.God only Knows – The Beach Boys.    

Feisty Rizzo is an elite ex hacker who loves to play games.
Now she is a senior executive for ‘Blackcard’ and Duncan Peters ‘eyes in the sky’.

With the world at her finger tips, she had what she would call an ‘uncomplicated love life’.

But all of that is set to change...

. Will an old flame or a new love, make her rethink her decision of choosing a career, before matters of the heart?

Rizzo will have to make choices... Will she make the right ones?



~ The Rizzo Protocol Playlist ~
1.     Come With Me Now – Kongos
2.      I Feel You – Depeche mode.
3.     Weapon Of Choice – Fatboy Slim.
4.     Female of the Species. – Space.
5.     Fire – Kasabian.
6.     What Do You Want From Me. - Monaco
7.     Angel – Massive Attack.
8.     I’m Only Joking – Kongos.
9.     Protection – Massive Attack.
10.Diamond – Klint.
11.I’m a Lady – Santogold.
12. Ooh la la - Goldfrapp.
13. Tainted Love – Marilyn Manson.
14.Just keep Breathing – We the kings.
15. Learn My Lesson – Rizzle Kicks.
16.My Own Worst Enemy - Lit.
17.Rolling in the Deep. – Adele.
18.One and only. – Adele.
19. The Man who sold the world – Nirvana.
20.Heads will Roll – Yeah, yeah, Yeahs. (A-Trac remix).
21.Nights in White Satin – Moody Blues.
22.Habits (Stay High) – Tove Lo
23.Set fire to the Rain – Adele.
24.God only Knows – The Beach Boys.



Prepare for the end to the saga that is the ‘Peters family’… 

Duncan Peters is not your typical Alpha CEO, Playboy.- He is a good man. - Ex Military (SAS) now a Senior Partner at ‘Blackcard’. 
He is a natural born tactician with a license to kill….

Life has transformed quite considerably for Duncan Peters.
And change is very much in the cards for our hero...

We now find him out of his comfort zone, mentoring his two boys into men. 

What will life have in store for the man who believes in taking Love, Friendship, Honour and Loyalty ‘above and beyond’...?

Can he deal with it all in his normal smooth fashion... or will life again deal him blows that he will never recover from?

This... IS the conclusion of 

~ Cousins – The Next Generation Playlist ~

1.     Winter Song – Natalie Taylor and General Ghost.
2.     This Woman’s Work – Kate Bush & Pitterpat – Erin McCarley.
3.     Chandelier - Sia.
4.     Gold – Spandau Ballet.
5.     Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin &. I Can See For Miles – The Who.
6.     Kashmir – Led Zeppelin
7.     Rich Kid Blues – Lykke Li
8.     My Head is a Jungle – Wanklemut & Emma Louise.
9.     Young Blood – Birdy.
10.  Fucking in the Bushes – Oasis.
11.  Wild Boys – Duran Duran.
12. Long Road to Hell – Avicii.
13. Ordinary World – Duran Duran.
14. Open your borders – Jack Lukeman.
15. Georgie Boy – Jack Lukeman.
16. Don’t let me be misunderstood – Joe Cocker or The Animals.
17. Scream My Name – Tove Lo.
18.The one that I want – Lo Fang.
19.It’s No Good – Depeche Mode.
20. In My Life – The Beatles.


I'm a Happily Married, MUM of 2 very loved children. One is a teenager… so far (fingers crossed) a great one.
I LOVE Music… I should do as I am the daughter of Musicians; I was reared with a Guitar in one hand and a pen in the other.
I'm originally from London and am now living somewhere, in the Irish countryside, with cows (the four legged kind) as neighbours. We live on a small farm in a village (no I do not DO milking or anything farmy… I have nails lol).
I’ve had the big high-flying career and gave it and London. up for ‘LOVE’ (yep sucker lol) and would do it again a hundred times over to marry and have babies.
I have lived in Ireland for the last sixteen years and I love the peace and quiet that we have here, it’s a wonderful place to raise children. I do NOT own wellies (gumboots) as the city girl that is still trapped in me, won’t allow it… SO… I wear riding boots instead. I may actually be the unofficial Imelda Marcos of Ireland with the amount of shoes I own (insert Shoegasm here).
I began writing professionally in January 2013 and now I’m releasing my fourth book. I write fun, naughty, not so hearts and flowers stories. My all time favorite writing hero is Clive Cussler. I love action and suspense, which probably influences my own writing greatly; hence I’m NOT a hearts and flowers kind of girl.
I love humour and try to use it as often as I can in any situation… I think life is too short to NOT try anything new. I’m a fun, loyal person and believe in Karma, so I try to treat people how I would like to be treated… after all, it takes much more to be nasty to someone rather than just to be nice…
5 fun facts about Samantha

  1. I only wear one perfume.
  2. I'm a huge Titanic buff, seriously, I could do a Degree in it.
  3. My favorite museum is London's Natural History Museum. I could spend a whole day there quite happily.
  4. My Dad was in the RAF and was a huge Military buff, so That's where I get all my knowledge... Years of conditioning bahahaha.
  5. I named our puppy Rubin after a character in one of my books.

Quick fire with Samantha Fontien
Why did you start writing? - I always wrote. I used to scribble into a copy book, but all in secrecy. The only one I used to let read them was my Dad. Why did I publish?? Well that was a promise I made to my Dad. It took me nine years to muster-up the courage to do it, but I kept my promise and sent ‘How to Catch Butterflies’ out into the big bad world LOL

Who inspires you to write?  - Music if I'm honest. I can hear a song and it’s like BOOM; I know what I need to write.

Who would you love to write with?  - Easy Clive Cussler, that man is a legend!!!!

What makes you start writing? - The idea's I have floating around in my head torment me until I put them down.

Do you set deadlines?  - Yes, I have to, as I am an organiser/boy scout lol and like to plan.

Any advice for any new starters?  - Yes, get a writing partner that can do read-throughs with you, so you can hear your words. You can catch a lot of mistakes or reword if necessary. It gives you an immediate feel of what you have written with the responses or emotions to the words you've composed to see if works like how you envisaged it too. 
                                 Oh and be nice, you never know who you will meet on the way up…
                                               It could be the same faces you see on your way down!!