Saturday, 22 March 2014

Full Circle series

Hey everyone, I have been busy at work again, here is two more to add to your TBR lists, I don't have a release date for these yet. I love to give you all things to look forward too...... I hope you will enjoy the 'Full Circle' Series.
Dreams - Book 1 of the Full Circle series
Loving the simple things in life has always come easy to Brooke O’Connell.

A Country girl at heart Brooke found that once in a lifetime true love early on. From the moment she met Thomas, she knew he was the one. Very quickly they wed and it wasn’t long until the family she had always dreamed of followed. With the birth of her children Alex and Harriet shortly after, Brooke’s life was complete.

From that moment on things were perfect. That is, until an unexpected tragedy flipped her world upside down. After suffering one of the greatest losses we all fear. She was left with nothing but her family and a choice... Brooke is forced to relocate from the only life she’s ever known. She has to leave her beloved Zen and become the one thing she has always loathed – a city girl.

This decision leaves Brooke dealing with an abundant amount of self-doubt. She’s taken her family away from all they’ve ever loved, back to a world where Thomas has a past. Will she ever be able to feel at ease again or are her dreams of the life she once had, just that – dreams?

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Alone Book 2 of the Full Circle series

Sometimes the hardest decisions are the right ones.

Harriet O’Connell has spent years living a dismal life. After working her ass off and getting nowhere, she contemplates going back to her roots and re-establishing the only happiness she’s ever known.

Fed up and flying on the whim of adrenaline she makes a life changing decision to walk away from it all…her career, her friends, and her home. She gives herself a one-year deadline to find the ultimate happiness before giving up.

With her back turned on the city she has called home for so long. She heads to the county alone. This is the one place she’s held dear to her heart. Harriet is in search of… Well, I’m sure if even she knows that.

On this adventure of uncertainty, will she be able to re-live her dreams?
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