Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Hey everyone, as you all kon now I'm busy writing at the moment.

I have 'popped' out of my cage to announce a stand alone I'm working on.

Planning to release 2014

It takes time to heal.

When tragedy occurs in
Keisha Evans life, her world turns upside down. The confident school secretary with hopes and dreams of becoming a teacher takes herself away from the outside world. She protects herself from being hurt again.

With her best friend
Ashley, pushing her to take a big step back out into the scary world she use to thrive in. Keisha finally gives in and takes that step. Having made memories and so many good times in a local pub. She decides to have lunch with Ashley.

The first step through the door is the hardest thing for Keisha to do. The biggest step for her changes her changes her life with hopes to get back to the life she had.

When she comes face to face with the man who saved her, can he save her again?
Go on .... add it to your TBR list
I can't wait to release this book.
L Chapman

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