Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Snippet- Trust

snippet- unedited 

“I’m not sure I have plenty of things to do. I will decide what I am going to do tomorrow; I will see what I am in the mood to do. I never find it difficult to keep myself busy. We are quiet again, I take a deep cleansing breath and sit straight in my chair, "Mark, I have had a lovely time, and it was so nice meeting you, but it has been a long day; I think it is time for me to say goodbye, and head back to the hotel ". 

 I slide over the seat to the end, stand up and grab my bag. Mark slides over at his side and stands in front of me, we are so close I can smell his aftershave, he smells so wonderful. If it is possible for a man to be beautiful, Mark is. And once again I feel my heart race.  

 “After you” Mark says holding is hand towards to entrance. I walk towards the exit, just a step or two in front of Mark. In the back ground, a song I love comes on; BRUNO MARS 'JUST THE WAY YOU ARE'.  I close my eyes, "Oh I love this song" I say in a breath, just above a whisper.

 “Dance with me Megan.” Mark takes my hand in his, pulling me to a stop. 

 "Here?" I look around the room. I notice no one else dancing, yet Mark turn towards me, our eyes once again fixed...."Yes Megan, here, and now."

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